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The Wiki Shop was founded 15 years ago by the creativity and passion of a salesperson especially projected to experience, development makes  grow innovative ideas. After collaborating with the most important companies in production and marketing which are already in the field of fashion and well-being, he realized that the classic system of management and marketing would come to a halt.

The major diseconomies task

The warehouse, unsold goods, unwarranted financial exposures, unprofitable advertising investments, lack of novelty, the lack of liquidity, generic obsolete material, reports managed partner with incorrectly, etc. etc. were permanently deleted, after careful market evaluation which was constantly carried out over the years and constantly in the process.

Innovation-Production – Research – Modeling research of materials - Logistics

Marketing-Distribution-Services-Administration (internal-Banking-Investment) – constant search for Partners – investments and weighted – Attention towards their employees – attention to reviews – targeted Services to our client's satisfaction

The commercial world is radically changed and evolves into new directions with significantly more competitive standards:

  • Simplified
  • Fast Optimizations
  • General optimization

Use of cost centers by changing holdings and management methods, common uses by changing the Organization, thus defining the objectives to be pursued and achieved.

All energy was invested in the group, owner of the respective Brand: Conti of Tuscany, must bags & accessories, Wellness global Shop, Hair Global Service along with a number of affiliates and associates, the complete and competetive company.

25 REASONS to CHOOSE our products

  • Constancy in the supply of all materials
  • Production and use of best leathers of Santa Croce sull'Arno number one of the major center production quality and fine Italian leathers
  • Design modeling techniques leather
  • Realization in models and production
  • Realization exclusive models made with Design Made in Italy
  • Production of 450 articles continuous
  • Wide range of products and colours
  • Introduction of new products
  • Constant quality controls at the level of agricultural production, logistics and commercial
  • WEB Discount of 20% allows the customer to buy final with speed, competitiveness, choosing from a wide range of references
  • Speed in delivery, the order is in 24/48 hours of the goods on the shelf
  • Service gift with delivery to the address requested by buyer
  • Constant proposed promotions to customers
  • Proposed numerous offers targeted to resellers and distributors
  • No minimum order
  • Free shipping for private customers over a certain amount
  • You can check your order status in real-time
  • Possibility to display real-time location of your package
  • The most competitive price-quality parity (materials, finishing, timing of supply)
  • Payments are safe and reliable
  • Payments for each type of Business Professionals need
  • Available to communicate always correct information
  • Telephone assistance to address these gaps to customers
  • Money back guarantee